5 Things You Should Be Aware of Regarding Insurance and Rehab

June 29, 2017 - - 0 Comments 5 Things You Should Be Aware of Regarding Insurance and Rehab

Addiction is not cheap – not only does it burden the family and the addict emotionally and psychologically, but financially as well. If you have a loved one suffering from substance abuse disorder who finally decided to seek professional help in a women rehabilitation center you need to know that the treatment can be expensive (although not as expensive as long-term drug use).

With insurance, however, the rehab process can be affordable or even free if your plan completely covers addiction treatment regardless of cause. Here are 5 things that you need to be aware of about insurance and drug rehab before you explore various women’s rehab centers:

Your Specific Insurance Benefits for Addiction Rehab

If your insurance covers addiction treatment, you need to know the benefits included in the coverage. The best way to get this information is to meet with your insurance provider so he can explain the same to you. However, if you are not comfortable exploring this issue with anyone, you can go through the outline of your insurance plan specifically information related to addiction treatment. While looking up the information yourself sounds like a good option, you should know that unless you are quite knowledgeable about the insurance industry, you will have difficulty understanding your plan. Ultimately, asking your agent for a more detailed explanation will be your best bet.

Specific Rehab Facilities Covered By Your Insurance

This information is critical before you commit to a specific rehab center. Some insurance providers will require that you only seek treatment in addiction treatment facilities that are part of their network. If you choose one that is not on their list, it is your responsibility to pay for it. If you will rely heavily on insurance for treatment, you should be cautious of this information. Again, it is best that you contact your insurance provider directly to know the details about this concern.

Types of Care/Treatment Your Insurance Covers

There are different treatment options available such as detox, inpatient care, outpatient care, partial hospitalization, and many others. Note that insurance providers differ on the kind of treatment their plans cover. Some cover all kinds of treatment while others only include a specific level of care. It is important that you know which kind of care your plan covers before you decide on which rehab facility to go so that you will not choose a rehab center that offers a treatment approach not covered by your insurance provider.

Inclusion of Out-of-State Rehab Facilities in the Insurance Coverage

Most individuals suffering from substance abuse disorder wish to get treatment in a facility located in a different state. This is understandable considering the stigma that is attached to addiction especially among women and the benefit of being in a completely different place when seeking treatment. Nevertheless, before you go on exploring rehab facilities in a far-away secluded area, you should be sure that your insurance coverage allows it. While there are insurance plans that allow their beneficiaries to seek treatment in any rehab facilities of their choice regardless of location, there are still quite a number of insurance providers that are limited in this area.

The Inclusion of Relapse in the Coverage

Anyone who is seeking addiction treatment is at risk of relapsing. Maintaining sobriety is a challenge and there is always a possibility that your loved one will once again fall prey to the web addiction. It is important for you to know if the insurance benefits will cover addiction treatment multiple times so you can prepare accordingly.
The information above will guide you on what questions you need to ask and options you can explore when you are researching women’s rehab centers in your area. Knowing the various payment options available in your case will make the treatment process easy and affordable.

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