How 5 Holistic Approach to Dual Diagnosis Helps

October 10, 2016 - - 0 Comments How 5 Holistic Approach to Dual Diagnosis Helps

A holistic approach targets the overall treatment of the person and not just on the addiction itself.  Holistic health care professionals consider the different elements of a person including the physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental aspects and incorporate them in the treatment process.  All of these elements are addressed to clear up issues and disorder and provide wellness in a person’s whole being.  Holistic medicine is provided by dual diagnosis treatment facilities in addition to the conventional method of traditional medicine.

There are inpatient dual diagnosis treatment centers who offer treatment for different genders.  This can be significant as men and women suffer from different disorders.  While men are more prone to develop substance abuse and antisocial personality problems, women are more susceptible to anxiety, and somatization disorders.

5 Holistic Approaches to Dual Diagnosis

There are various tools used for dual diagnosis and the effectivity can range depending on the person involved in it.  While others can be beneficial as they both involve body and mind, others can involve being able to commune with nature and the surroundings.

  • Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation involve proper breathing techniques and relaxation.  It can be important in creating a holistic experience for yourself.  Yoga and meditation help you understand and train the various levels of your being.  It can greatly impact your coordination and integration with yourself and can be crucial for those who suffer drug and alcohol dependency.

  • Hiking

Hiking is another a tool used by inpatient dual diagnosis treatment centers to assist addicts recover from their addiction.  Hiking can decrease depression and desperation.  It allows us to commune with nature and gives us a sense of wellbeing.  Hiking also allows a recovering patient to rebuild a healthy lifestyle and promote a balance with nature.

  • Outdoor Therapy

Outdoor therapy is an experiential therapy that is crucial in rebuilding behavioral problems.  It gives an addicted person a chance to experience nature and connect with it.  Outdoor therapy can be offered by dual diagnosis treatment facilities to supplement their treatment programs for addiction.

  • Counseling

Addiction counseling helps control repetitive behaviors that can have detrimental consequences in a person.  This helps manage compulsions that are otherwise excessive.  Counselling is helpful in managing the pleasurable feelings that trigger an urge to perform an activity over and over again.

  • Christian Therapy

Some dual diagnosis treatment facilities offer Christian addiction treatment as part of the recovery program.  This is focused primarily on addicted individuals and their family and includes Biblical support and resources in the process.  This is helpful in assisting those who are drug and alcohol dependent in their journey towards recovery.  Christian therapy offers biblical counsel to individual battling drug and alcohol addiction.

Benefits of Having a Holistic Treatment

Getting a holistic treatment often involves a total lifestyle change that cannot be done overnight.  It needs full commitment and responsibility for their own personal well-being.  This gives a patient control over issues that may have led them to such inclinations.

One benefit of having a holistic approach to addiction treatment is that they reinforce the wholeness of a person and not just on the symptoms.  By digging deep into the root cause of the addiction, and providing other concentration sources, an addicted person can avoid relapses.

Studies have proven that daily lifestyle decisions account for over 53% of a person’s total well-being while medical care accounts for only 10%.  Other factors like environment, accounts for 19% and genetics plays 18%.  Overall, a person’s lifestyle and habits play an enormous factor in deciding for a person’s overall wellness.

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