5​ ​Signs​ ​Your​ ​Loved​ ​One​ ​Needs​ ​Women’s​ ​Alcohol​ ​Rehab​ ​Assistance

February 22, 2017 - - 0 Comments 5​ ​Signs​ ​Your​ ​Loved​ ​One​ ​Needs​ ​Women’s​ ​Alcohol​ ​Rehab​ ​Assistance

Women are generally more susceptible to the effects of alcohol than with men. This can be fairly visible even when a woman drinks smaller amounts. Developing alcoholism and alcohol abuse in women can be intertwined with many different factors. This includes certain risk factors as genetic predisposition, the social environment she lived with, emotional health, along with how a woman was raised.

And although women do not significantly possess a higher risk of developing alcohol addiction than men, it does not discount the fact that with the right circumstance and risk factors, some will develop alcohol problems. Alcoholism in women may seem much lower than they are prevalent with men, but it can be a bigger problem when it hits your family.

As with any other person with alcohol problems, with women alcoholics, denial can be one of the biggest hindrances to getting help when your loved one has a drinking problem. When a woman cannot admit that she has a drinking problem, it will more likely become an uphill battle and constant struggle to keep her away from her addiction. This leads to a myriad of other problems such as increased risks for health problems, social complications, and eventually the risk of putting one’s life in danger.

5 of the most common signs that your loved one needs women’s alcohol rehab assistance

  • Neglect of duties and responsibilities at home and work because of intoxication.  Women are generally nurturing people, but when someone suffers from alcohol addiction, she might take everything else for granted in favor for her alcohol addiction.  She might neglect kids and husband in favor of drinking. A woman suffering from alcohol dependence is likely to keep her employment because of constant absences or reprehension from her superiors.
  • Use of alcohol in an otherwise dangerous situation. Although women may not normally indulge in risky behaviors, it can be a problem when a woman is intoxicated. Those women alcoholics who are engrossed with physically dangerous situations such as drinking and driving, combining alcohol consumption with prescribed medications despite doctors’ orders can be a warning sign that you need to watch out for. In cases like this, a woman may not be consciously aware of the dangers she is putting herself into because of the effects of alcohol.
  • Getting in trouble with authorities on the account of drinking. While women may be peaceful beings, when one suffers from alcohol addiction, she is careless about herself and the outlook of other people towards her. She may exhibit negative behaviors that constantly put her welfare at risk including her family. She may have squabbles with other people and with the authorities. When you find your loved one continually being in trouble with law enforcement because of her drinking habits, it can be a sign that she needs to seek help.
  • Disruption in relationships because of continued drinking. Being involved in family arguments because of drinking problems is one sure sign that your loved one’s drinking is getting out of hand. When you constantly find yourself in an argument over your loved one’s drinking problem, it can be best to seek immediate help. Eventually, when the problem is not fixed, it can lead to serious complications and broken families.

Drinking to get away from past emotions and negative experiences. When a woman suffers from trauma, she may find drinking as a way to get away from the painful world she is living in. When drinking becomes a way to escape reality, it can be a real problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

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