4 Ways to Find a More Affordable Addiction Treatment Center

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If you are engaged in the fight against addiction, you will find yourself facing the biggest challenge of your life. Stay on the current path and you are headed toward a dead end as substance abuse destroys everything around you. If you want to have the possibility of any future at all, you need to get help. Affording substance abuse can be a challenge. Consider these four ways to find a more affordable addiction treatment center:

Begin with Your Insurance Company

The best place to start is with your insurance provider. When you determine which facilities are within your participating network, you’ll be able to benefit from the greatest savings. While it is vital that you get the help you need in order to end your struggle with addiction, you need to do so in an affordable way that will not add another crushing burden to your shoulders.

Inquire About Christian Rehab Programs

Many Christian rehab programs are available that may cost little to no money. You may experience a more rigorous admissions process and you will have to adhere to the rules of the facility. Otherwise, you are likely to be asked to leave. When you opt for this route of treatment, it is best to choose a facility that has a philosophy that fits your own.

Research Programs that Allow You to Work Off Costs of Treatment

For those who are facing financial struggles in addition to their addiction, there are programs available that allow you to work in exchange for your treatment. You’ll pay off your costs after you have successfully completed your rehabilitation and are able to return to the work force.

Choose a Government-Run Facility

If you have no insurance and little to no income, a treatment facility that is state or federally funded is an option you have that may not cost you anything. However, you need to understand that there is generally a long waiting list. If you are desperately in need of treatment, you may not be able to wait to get into such a program.

Use the Resources that are Available

Inquire at medical centers, hospitals, your doctor’s office, and use the Internet to help you find a treatment program that is affordable. If you can’t manage the search, enlist the aid of a friend or family member to get the help you need.

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