4 Symptoms of PTSD in Women

December 29, 2016 - - 0 Comments 4 Symptoms of PTSD in Women

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental illness that plagues many women. Thankfully there are many effective interventions that can treat this condition.  If you are afflicted with PTSD, you don’t have to put up with it.  You can be treated in many different ways.  However, you might already have PTSD but you don’t know it. It is, therefore, important for you to understand the signs and the symptoms of PTSD in women.

Symptoms of PTSD in women are often grouped into four types.  Here is a detailed description of these four categories of PTSD symptoms.

  1.  Changes in emotional reaction

These symptoms are also called arousal symptoms and they include:

  • Being easily frightened or startled
  • Having sleeping problems
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Self-destructive behavior, like driving too fast or drinking too much alcohol
  • Inordinate feeling of shame or guilt
  • Constantly watching out for danger and being always on guard
  • Constant irritability, aggressive behavior, or angry outbursts
  1.  Changes in mood and state of mind
  • Not able to maintain close relationships
  • Having problems with memory, not able to remember important elements of a traumatic event
  • Feeling hopeless about the future
  • Lacking interest in activities that you enjoyed before
  • Feeling that you are emotionally dull
  • Not able to have positive emotions
  • Negative outlook and feelings towards other people or towards yourself.
  1.  Avoidance
  • Avoiding to think about the traumatic event or talk about it
  • Avoiding activities, people or places that remind you of the painful event.
  1.  Intrusive memories
  • Severe physical reactions or emotional distress when something reminds you of the painful event
  • Bad dreams about the traumatic event
  • Reliving the painful event like it is actually happening again (flashback)
  • Repeated and unwanted painful memories of the painful event

How These Symptoms Manifest

The above symptoms can manifest in varying degrees over time.  That means you won’t have the same degree of symptoms all of the time.  There will be times that the symptoms may just be minimal, but there will also be times when the symptoms will be severe.  It largely depends on the degree of stress you are feeling at the moment.  But you will be affected when you are faced with something that reminds you of the painful event that caused your PTSD.  So, you need to be watchful for these reminders and prepare to brace yourself so that you can control the severity of the symptoms.

Beware Of Suicidal Thoughts

You should be aware that there are PTSD women who reached the point where they entertain suicidal thoughts.  You should try your best not to reach this point because of what you may do to yourself.  If you find yourself entertaining emotions and thoughts about the traumatic event for long periods of time, and your symptoms are severe, this might lead you to think of ending your life.  Don’t wait until it’s too late before you ask for professional help.  Don’t be like other women who have entertained the thought of killing themselves.  There is available help even if you think your condition has already worsened.

Treatment Programs for Women Suffering From PTSD

You need to understand that there is a range of treatment for women afflicted with PTSD.  There are various forms of psychotherapy that can effectively control the symptoms of PTSD women.  These therapies are often used in combination with medication specifically developed for PTSD patients.  Together, psychotherapy with medicines can help patients recover and go on with their lives.
Some of the most effective therapies used in treating PTSD are cognitive behavioral therapy and group therapy.  With CBT, you will be able to understand the root cause of your PTSD and develop the ability to overcome the symptoms.  In group therapy, you will be encouraged by the successes of those who are able to lick their PTSD problems

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