4 Steps To Take Immediately After a Relapse

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Experiencing a relapse can temporarily throw your world into a spiral. Yet, it is reassuring to know that it can happen to anyone. Life with addiction means finding new ways to overcome your struggles, and you will emerge from this experience stronger than ever before. As you attempt to cope, here are the four steps you need to take to get back on track.

Ditch the Guilt

There is nothing like the remorse a person can feel after a relapse. Unfortunately, sitting around feeling bad about it will only make matters worse. So a relapse happened. Don’t let it define you. From this moment forward, resolve to let go of your guilty conscious, and move forward with a renewed sense of confidence that you can make things right. When you ditch the guilt, you make taking care of yourself a priority.

Talk to Someone You Trust

A big part of recovery is being honest with others about your struggles. Talking to someone else about your relapse may help you identify the underlying cause. Was there stress going on or a new life change? If your relapse happened due to a breakdown of your coping strategies, then seeking help will allow you to learn from your mistakes.

Weigh Your Options

After a relapse, some people return to their former treatment program, while others prefer to try something new. It is also possible that your needs have changed since your prior treatment. We can help you explore the options that are available so that you can find a rehab that will prevent another relapse. For example, you may only need an outpatient program if your relapse was mild. Or, you could need a family center if you have had kids since your last stay at rehab.

Prepare for Treatment

Once you have decided upon a treatment program, you will be ready to start moving forward. Starting your recovery with a fresh mindset will help you to renew your commitment to sobriety. As you pack your bags, spend some time thinking about the positive changes you have made since you first began your journey. Focusing on your progress will help you see that you can continue to build on what you have accomplished.

Picking up the pieces after a relapse is possible, even when it feels hopeless. Keep in mind that sobriety is a continuous process, and it is easy to make mistakes. By renewing your focus on ending your addiction, this relapse will soon be a part of your recovery story that you can look back on as a new beginning.

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