22 Thoughts That Cross Your Mind Before Going to Rehab

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The time before you go to rehab often brings a wide range of emotions as you begin to plan for the future. On one hand you may be excited to get started on the road to recovery, yet on the other you may be slightly nervous about what life in rehab may be like. To help you understand that everything you are feeling is normal, here are 22 thoughts that may cross your mind before you arrive at rehab.

  1. I hope I like my treatment center.
  2. My friends and family are going to be so proud of my decision.
  3. I am going to work hard to make this work.
  4. I wonder if I should pack my swimsuit.
  5. It will be nice to be surrounded by people who understand what living with an addiction means.
  6. I can’t wait to take part in new activities and hobbies.
  7. Which books should I take?
  8. I’ve made the right arrangements for my home, kids, pets, etc. to be taken care of while I’m gone.
  9. It’ll be nice not having to cook for a few weeks.
  10. Is this mouthwash alcohol-free?
  11. Work will still be there when I get out, but for now I am just going to let it go and take care of myself.
  12. Have I told everyone who needs to know that I will be away for a short time?
  13. Can I listen to music? If so, what can I put on my playlist?
  14. Will I have a roommate? I hope that we get along.
  15. What types of recreation will be available?
  16. Should I pack my workout clothes?
  17. I can’t wait to begin mending my relationships in family sessions.
  18. My life is about to completely change for the better.
  19. Soon, I will be free from the physical symptoms of my addiction.
  20. I am excited to finally get my finances in order.
  21. Getting sober will bring back my self-esteem.
  22. I’ve made the right decision.

As you get ready to go to rehab, you may find that it is important to take time to relax to calm your racing thoughts. Learning more about the treatment program you will be attending to help quell any anxiety, and we are always here to help you choose one that will best fit your needs. From learning how to cope with triggers to finding new hobbies that promote a healthier lifestyle, your decision to go to rehab will provide you with a wealth of benefits.

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