22 Holidays to Embrace During Your First Year of Recovery

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During your first year of recovery, you will have a lot of time to fill with new wholesome activities. You can also look forward to having more energy and a zest for life that will make celebrating the holidays exciting. To get you started on a fun-filled first year, here are 22 holidays that you can embrace during your recovery.

  1. Polar Bear Plunge Day-January 1

Celebrating New Year’s Day will never be more exciting than when you join a group of other brave souls who are willing to jump into a frigid body of water.

  1. Science Fiction Day-January 2

In honor of Isaac Asimov’s birthday, curl up with your favorite sci-fi novel and spend the day reading.

  1. Popcorn Day-January 19

Host a movie night and pop your favorite flavor.

  1. Compliment Day-January 24

Go ahead, and make a stranger’s day by offering a random bit of admiration.

  1. Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day-February 6

Just do it. You’ll be glad you did.

  1. Random Act of Kindness Day-February 17

Doing something nice for someone else will give your mood a boost.

  1. Pi Day-March 14

Celebrate the mathematical constant by consuming a slice (or two) of pie.

  1. Puppy Day-March 23

Take your favorite pooch to the dog park, or give them a special treat.

  1. Scrabble Day-April 13

Invite some friends over to play this popular word game.

  1. Star Wars Day-May 4

Binge watch your favorite movie.

  1. Lost Sock Memorial Day-May 9

Toss our your single socks.

  1. Buy a Musical Instrument Day-May 22

Get inspired to make the world sing.

  1. Eat Your Vegetables Day-June 17

Fill up a salad bowl and dig in.

  1. Cheer Up the Lonely Day-July 11

Reach out to someone who could use a phone call or visit.

  1. National Cheesecake Day-July 30

Indulge in your favorite flavor.

  1. Kiss and Makeup Day-August 25

Mend old wounds.

  1. Positive Thinking Day-September 13

Make a list of affirmations.

  1. Good Neighbor Day-September 28

Do a chore to make your neighbor smile.

  1. Magic Day-October 31

Learn a new trick and dazzle the trick-or-treaters.

  1. Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day-November 24

Spend time doing your favorite hobby.

  1. Day of the Ninja-December 5

Watch ninja movies or just practice sneaking up on your family and friends.

  1. One Year Sobriety-Your Choice of Date

This is the most important holiday of the year. Congratulate yourself by renewing your vow to another year of sober living.

Filling your schedule with exciting new holidays is a great way to kick off your commitment to get sober. By celebrating special occasions with healthy activities, you can stay on the right track for a successful recovery.

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