8 Myths About Drug Rehab in California October 21, 2015 7:27 am - , , -

There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding the addiction treatment in California. These misconceptions interfere with treatment and recovery. Many addicts and their families fear the stigma of drug abuse nearly as much as the risks of continued use. The myths and misconceptions add barriers to treatment and successful recovery. Myth 1:  Prescription Drugs are not Safer There is a […]

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lady at the street
How Recovery From Addiction is Different for Women October 19, 2015 7:25 am - , -

The differences between men and women are obvious, from their physical characteristics to how they handle emotional situations. Among these differences, one that may be less obvious to others is how a woman’s body responds to drugs and alcohol. Due to the combination of a smaller body, hormones and different life stress, women are not only at greater risk for […]

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Mother plays a vital role
How To End Addiction as a Mother October 16, 2015 7:22 am - , , -

Addictions affect people of all walks of life; many are fathers and mothers with dependent children. Often, a Mother of an addicted child feels compelled to act; she must intervene to save the life of an addicted child. Addiction affects people in all of the roles they occupy. The results of addiction can be tragic; a decision to enter treatment […]

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Make Women’s Alcohol Rehab in California Work for You October 12, 2015 7:18 am - , , -

Alcohol rehab in California offers programs aimed at meeting some unique needs of women. The approaches focus on situations and needs of women as mothers, heads of households, professional women, and they offer exclusive women facilities. The Betty Ford Clinics are among the most famous and ground-breaking efforts to treat alcohol, drug, and substance dependencies. Finding the Key Finding the […]

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12 Things That Will Happen in a Women’s Drug Rehabilitation Center October 5, 2015 7:04 am - , , -

Getting clean from an addiction is certainly hard. Drugs and alcohol may have you thinking you have no chance at a cleaner, happier, healthier life, but rest assured that you absolutely do have a future that can be bright without drugs or alcohol! To help you feel a little better about your decision to get clean here are 12 things […]

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7 Ideas You Can Steal From Drug Rehabs To Use In Your Recovery October 2, 2015 7:38 am - , , -

There is no doubt that professional drug rehabs work for helping people to overcome their addictions, yet have you ever wondered what these programs have that lead to success? Usually, it is a combination of factors that provide a person with not only the resources to proceed with their recovery but also the everyday life skills they need to stay […]

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