20 Things to Do Instead of Drinking

January 30, 2017 - - 0 Comments 20 Things to Do Instead of Drinking

Continue the positive changes started in women alcohol rehab by filling your calendar with healthy, productive activities. Having a set routine is a start, but there are some situations when you may find the urge to reach for a drink increases. During these times, you can protect your recovery by doing alternative activities that fulfill the same underlying need as alcohol.

When bored…

1. Call a friend
Fill a void of boredom or loneliness by reaching out for social connection. Pick up the phone and dial your sponsor, your mother, or your best friend and let this person know what you’re going through.
2. Have a laugh
Watch a comedy film. Pull up YouTube and view the latest Laughs of the Day. Come up with a joke and share it with friends.
3. Engage in a hobby
One of the many facts you may have learned about women alcohol addiction is that boredom poses a threat to your sobriety. Try learning to make pottery or finish that novel you started last year.
4. Volunteer
Do community service at a local church, library, or nursing home. Plus, giving back to others can help heal some old wounds regarding pain you have caused loved ones because of your addiction.
5. Set objective goals
Fill idle time by building motivation for your future. Grab a notebook and write out some specific and measurable goals for yourself.

When stressed…

6. Exercise
Physical activity not only helps with weight management, it also releases endorphins that improve your mood and reduce tension.
7. Practice deep breathing
Breathe in through your nose for 4 counts. Hold the breath for 7 counts. Then, release the air through your nose for 8 counts.
8. Repeat positive affirmations
Telling yourself that you are relaxed can help you believe it. Say something like “I am the picture of calm” or “I control stress; it doesn’t control me.”
9. Take a nap
If you find yourself with feeling overwhelmed, get 20-30 minutes of shut-eye and attack the problem with a clearer head when you wake.
10. Listen to music
Certain types of music like classical pieces have the power to relieve tension.  Turn on your stereo or open up the Pandora app on your smartphone for instance stress-relief after women alcohol addiction.

When socializing…

11. Host the gathering at your home
Invite friends over to your house in the afternoon or early evening where you can control what people are drinking and during a time when everyone is less likely to miss alcoholic beverages.
12. Offer to see a new movie
Suggest to your friends that you all catch the latest new release in the theater instead of hitting up the bar.
13. Choose a restaurant without a bar
Offer to eat lunch or dinner at a place that doesn’t serve alcohol such as a kid-friendly restaurant or deli.
14. Attend a meeting before the event
Build yourself up when attending events where alcohol is served by going to a support meeting right before.
15. Bring along an accountability partner
Ask a sober buddy to come along with you to help you fight temptation.

When preparing for bed…

16. Write in a journal
Unloading your thoughts and troubles in a journal can help you unwind before bed without needing to reach for that night cap.
17. Take a warm bath
A relaxing bubble or Epsom salt bath may be just what you need to relieve muscle tension and worries at the end of the day.
18. Stretch
Gentle yoga or stretching can ease tension and relax your body and mind to make getting to sleep easier.

19. Read a book

Picking up a reading habit not only builds your vocabulary, it also serves as a way to take your mind off troubles. Choose something with low energy like a self-help book or Bible scriptures.  

20. Make a cup of tea

Chamomile tea has long since been known to help you fall asleep easier. However, you might also consider peppermint herb, lemon balm, lavender, and Valerian.

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