16 Reasons To Get Sober in 2016

March 23, 2016 - , , - 0 Comments

The New Year has arrived, and you’ve had several months to get started on your resolutions. Yet, you may have hit a few roadblocks on your way to sobriety. Whether you resolved at midnight to get sober or you are just now deciding that it is time to get clean, these 16 reasons to end your addiction will give you the motivation you need to make 2016 the best year ever!

  1. No more waking up hung over. Starting the day sober feels awesome!
  2. You’ll actually remember social events.
  3. Your family will thank you.
  4. Those awkward apologies for things you don’t remember will no longer be a thing.
  5. Rehab food is somehow both nutritious and delicious. Where else can you get that?
  6. Your skin will look amazing without the dehydrating effects of drugs and alcohol.
  7. Your career will reach new heights.
  8. No more worries about being caught and facing jail time.
  9. All those physical ailments-nausea, headaches, fatigue-will get better.
  10. You’ll make new friends that you can actually trust.
  11. You’ll finally be able to start saving money.
  12. Playing with your kids, taking your dog for a walk and enjoying a date night will all be possible again.
  13. You will be able to make plans and promises and know that you will keep them.
  14. All that energy spent hiding and prepping for your addiction can be spent on the things you really enjoy.
  15. Your self-esteem and physical appearance will get a boost. Win, win!
  16. You will be free!

Sobriety affects every aspect of your life, and you will quickly discover that each day you go without drugs and alcohol brings you better health and happiness. This year, you deserve to finally break free from the chains of addiction, and we can help you find a treatment program that understands the importance of getting sober. By making sobriety a priority this year, you can begin to reap the benefits of a drug and alcohol free lifestyle so that you enter 2017 with confidence.

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