12 Things That Will Happen in a Women’s Drug Rehabilitation Center

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Getting clean from an addiction is certainly hard. Drugs and alcohol may have you thinking you have no chance at a cleaner, happier, healthier life, but rest assured that you absolutely do have a future that can be bright without drugs or alcohol!

To help you feel a little better about your decision to get clean here are 12 things that will not happen to women in a rehabilitation center:

1. You will be treated well

You are not a prisoner, you are not a criminal, and you are not a bad person so you will never be treated as such in a women’s rehabilitation center. You are free to recover as a human being with dignity!

2. You will be supported

Everyone at the women’s rehabilitation center cares for you. Every person at the center wants to see you meet your goals. You will never be bullied.

3. You will feel empowered

Women’s rehabilitation centers will not cure you from your addiction, but they do give you a very strong voice. This amazing new voice of yours will give you power to conquer all of your battles!

4. You will make friends

Women’s rehabilitation centers are unique in that they are designed for groups of women to share common goals. In the sharing of these goals you will make many friends who will love and support you through your treatment and even afterwards!

5. You will keep your job

The women’s rehabilitation center that you attend will help you keep your job as you get treatment. Attending the center won’t cost you your job.

6. You will be rewarded

There are no punishments in women’s rehabilitation centers. Each time that you reach a goal you will be rewarded with something that you truly value. This varies based on your personal needs so you will always know that the prize is something truly special. You will never be punished for not meeting a goal. There is only opportunity to learn from it!

7. You will be happy

Getting over an addiction may be happy, but your women’s rehabilitation center will never make you suffer! The medical staff, counselors, and friends you make will always ensure that you are well cared for and happy!

8. You will be eating very well

Women’s rehabilitation centers understand the need for proper nutrition. These centers want you to thrive and become the healthy, happy you that you want to be. You will never be fed poorly.

9. You will build a network of contacts

You may feel anxious as your stay comes to a close thinking that you will be on your own. That is common and perfectly valid. Rest assured that by completing the program you will leave knowing that you have a decent number of contacts that you can reach at a moment’s notice. Remember, the center doesn’t want you to ever feel like you have to make it on your own.

10. There are many different types of treatment centers

Women’s drug rehabilitation centers are just as unique as the people that they serve. You have the power to choose what time of center you attend. No center wants you to feel confined or forced to reside with them. These centers want to help you.

11. You are in charge of yourself

You are a free individual with a unique personality. You will always have a choice and the opportunity to talk about it!

12. You will feel comforted

All of your feelings are valid. You are amazing! When you feel like you need comfort it will be there for you. Women’s drug rehabilitation centers are here to serve you, never to judge you.


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