10 Quick Tips to Find Affordable Detox For Oxycodone

September 28, 2015 - , , - 0 Comments 10 Quick Tips to Find Affordable Detox For Oxycodone

The main factors in selecting a method to get a recovering addict through detoxification are:

  • the speed with which a patient can be admitted to treatment
  • the methods used
  • the location of detox treatment

But there’s no denying that finances are an important criteria in the selection process. While reputable clinics will make every effort to work with patients and families to provide affordable care, they are a business. They must be paid for their services. But a recovering addict emerging from the grip of oxy has other things to think about besides invoices for services rendered. A lot of the stress of the recovery period caused by financial worries can be reduced if recovering addicts and their families do some research and ask questions before selecting a treatment method. While alternative methods of detoxification besides traditional clinics are becoming more common, patients and their families are encouraged to consult with physicians and use caution when detoxifying in non-medical settings.

Rapid Detoxification Program

This type of detoxification is cheaper than other detox programs because the patient is in the clinic for twenty four hours or less. It is generally recommended for those who are long term addicts. Rapid detox often produces less symptoms and complications than other detox methods.

Use Internet Databases

Many clinics advertise with “infomercials” on the internet, but there are a number of non-profit and government sites that offer unbiased, no-pressure search help as well.

Ask A Doctor

If the recovering addict is uncomfortable going to a family physician, local hospitals offer resources in the form of contact information and programs. Many hospitals offer affordable detoxification programs themselves.

Go To A Free Clinic

These clinics have both in and out-patient treatment programs, and every state has at least one. Be warned that these clinics also have waiting lists. But don’t be afraid to contact them as these clinics can serve as resources in locating other treatment options.

Go To Church

Houses of worship act as community outreach centers as well. Not only can they steer recovering addicts towards programs, they often host out-patient programs as well.

Check With Local Governments

This means checking on city, county, and state levels. Many local governments have received federal grants specifically for this purpose.

Be A Lab Rat

University-affiliated and “teaching hospitals” often participate in a variety of clinical trials and studies, including those for drug addiction treatment.

Go To A Methadone Clinic

Yes, we know your problem is not heroin. But many of these clinics now have physicians authorized to either administer or subscribe detox drugs like Suboxone.

Check Your Insurance Policy (Carefully)

Many policies provide more coverage for opioid treatment than their holders think for those willing to do some digging.

Alternative Methods To Traditional Detox

Acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and tai chi are among the methods getting detox results, and are considerably cheaper than traditional in-house monitoring and medication.

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