What to Expect

Arrival and Admissions

Your comfort, safety and acceptance is our primary focus when you arrive. We know you will be in an unfamiliar home and we will make every effort to ease that transition. You might be feeling some withdrawal symptoms, so whenever the time is right you will meet the staff, the other clients and get an in-depth tour of the facility. We have created a home-like setting and we want you to feel like you belong!

The admission process includes some paperwork. Confidentiality is critical and must be addressed immediately upon your arrival. You will tell us who can know you’re here, what they can be told, and nobody else will know anything about your stay.


Detoxing from drugs or alcohol is uncomfortable. That discomfort is often what drives us back to using even when we really don’t want to continue with the lifestyle. At New Creation, we make this process as painless as possible. In the comfort of a home-like setting we monitor your vital signs around the clock. We clinically measure and record your progress, and under a doctor’s supervision we provide necessary medication to ensure your physical safety and comfort.

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment home is warm and inviting. Natural light and a modern (yet cozy) interior breed a sense of serenity and calm. Our home is a retreat from the outside world where women can focus on reclaiming their lives and their families.

In residential treatment, you can leave chaos and clutter behind. We create and maintain an environment that is functional, organized, clean and up to date. We are proud of the property and want you to feel that sense of pride and worthiness.

As part of your routine in residential treatment, you can expect to participate in the upkeep of the facility by performing daily tasks such as sweeping, cleaning and routine upkeep. This is common in residential treatment. This is your home-away-from-home, and part of rehabilitation is learning the skills to maintain your environment. These activities promote and encourage teamwork, self-awareness, responsibility and a sense of community. Education, social status and age have very little influence on the dysfunction that active addiction turned into “routine.”

“Walking in the door at New Creation, I felt a wave of serenity, peace, acceptance and relief. Within hours, I experienced a sense of sisterhood and belonging that I wasn’t expecting.”

Therapeutic Programs available during Residential Treatment

Our therapeutic programs are not unique or original to New Creation. These addiction treatments are commonly used because they have been effective — it’s been proven. Therefore, you may see that many facilities offer similar modalities during residential treatment. Staying current with existing treatment options and thoroughly investigating innovative techniques is very important to us at New Creation.

If there is a mode of treatment that works best for you, we will use it. We are passionate and committed to walking alongside you on this journey. We develop an individual treatment plan designed to enhance your rehab experience and leverage your unique style for learning and processing new information whether it is through reading, writing, lecture, music, art, drama or any combination thereof.

The purpose of having a variety of therapeutic programs is to meet the spiritual, emotional and physical recovery needs of each individual.

Individual Counseling

Weekly one-on-one counseling sessions with a licensed therapist to diagnose and treat Dual Diagnosis (mental/emotional health issues in combination with addiction). Sometimes these sessions are needed more frequently and that is determined on an individual basis. The time between sessions (regardless of frequency) is critical for processing new insights and identifying emotional triggers.

Group Counseling

Led and facilitated by a certified and trained drug/alcohol counselor, group counseling sessions bring the women together to discuss specific topics or undertake focused group activities. Whether discussing childhood trauma, shame, guilt, disparity or accomplishment, group counseling is an invaluable tool. Peer feedback is honest, pure and insightful. Even in the most balanced individuals, it is often easier to see negative attitudes or behaviors in others than it is to see in ourselves. This honest, reflective, compassionate input creates a dynamic that promotes healing and self-acceptance. New Creation alumni often stay in contact with their sisters in recovery long after the residential experience is over. Sometimes this is the first experience our clients have had where they were safe enough to be open and truthful without fear of negative consequence.

Educational Groups

Educational Groups focus on the affects of alcohol and drugs on the body, the brain and the community based in scientific fact. Women are encouraged to participate in open discussion with the assurance that qualified staff members will dispel myths and and encourage reality. Addiction is a deadly disease. Our minds and bodies are adversely affected. The more we know, the better equipped we are to make better choices for a healthier life for ourselves and for our families.

Expressive/Experiential Groups (art, music, writing, etc.)

Not only is this type of therapy fun and creative, great truths are often revealed. Deep core issues can exposed through art that would otherwise stay below the surface. The subconscious mind doesn’t always use words to manifest expression. Expressive/Experiential therapy is an excellent tool for digging up awareness of underlying motivations to help our clients become more congruent. The goal is to have thoughts, feelings and actions be consistent and honest toward our true purpose.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is an important part of the mind, body, spirit (holistic) rehabilitation. Alcohol and drugs are as hard on the body as the mind and the spirit. Healthy nutrition and physical exercise are critical to re-balancing the body. Weekly visits to the gym, consultations with a physical trainer, nature hikes, and educational groups bring positive focus to nutrition and exercise. You will meet with our onsite chef one-on-one to discuss any limitations you may have to your diet based on your physical assessment and medical needs. Also, energy and alertness will improve with healthy sleep/wake routines in which are often severely out of whack during active addiction.

Spirituality Groups

These groups are similar in structure to normal group therapy sessions. Spirituality groups focus on a connection with your higher power — the strength and energy that is greater than you alone. Some people connect with the group, and some people connect with “God.” The entity is less of a focus than the belief that we, as individuals, are not the strongest power in the universe and that we, as individuals, are not the sole source of strength for ourselves. This connection to a higher power allows us to reach out for help, find gratitude in all things and have faith that we can overcome our circumstances – no matter what they might be. Facilitated by a qualified staff member, these groups are helpful for anyone who is struggling with identifying a higher power, and for women reestablishing a connection with the spirituality that often felt absent in the throws of addiction.

You will be free to be yourself. Your primary purpose during residential treatment is to nurture yourself. There is a sisterhood, a connection, a trust among the women at New Creation — and we learn that only by taking care of ourselves, we have the energy and balance to take care of each other. By healing our own wounds, we can recognize them in others and comfort them in healthy ways.

Successful Aftercare Programs

It might be too soon to make this an important step in your journey, but we want you to know that we are in this with you for the long haul. One day at a time, we face the full spectrum of life’s offerings. Sometimes we need additional support. The stronger your foundation in early recovery, the easier those challenges will be to face. You’ll have the tools, you’ll have the support, you’ll have the network.

Aftercare programs provide and environment for practicing the tools you learn in residential care. It is safe, supportive, convenient and the next right step. New Creation wants to transition with you seamlessly. Just know that you don’t have to start over somewhere new. Our love, support, understanding and experience with YOU can continue through each phase of your recovery.

It has been proven that participating in an aftercare program significantly improves the quality of your recovery.

Transitional Living

The highest level of aftercare available, transitional living offers a seamless continuation of the same therapeutic programs provided in residential rehab. The primary difference is that you will live in a structured sober living home with a live-in staff member. The manager is available to help with daily life situations that might trigger thoughts of using or self-destructive patterns of behavior. This is an option available to women who aren’t ready to move into work/school, or move back to their home-before-treatment. This is a very effective step toward returning to a life you can be proud of.

Sober Living

Sober living is a common next step for people leaving residential treatment. No matter how eager we are to move on with our lives, we didn’t develop bad habits over night. It takes practice, support and experience to overcome the triggers and temptations that can cause us to slip easily back into old routines. Our sober living homes are comfortable and structured. These are safe places to practice new coping skills, develop healthy friendships and strengthen an effective support network. Our live-in manager is trained in addiction/alcohol counseling and is available as a healthy sounding board for things that might come up during the day. We help with job search, school enrollment, public assistance, public transportation, scheduling, meeting attendance and accountability. In sober living, we focus on relapse prevention, safety, healthy habits, accountability and reuniting families.

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) are structured group counseling programs focused on identifying triggers and cravings, relapse prevention, and providing practical suggestions for living life without alcohol or drugs. It’s not necessary to have participated in residential treatment or sober living. You can live at home, continue to work or go to school, take care of your family, and attend structured IOP groups according to a regular schedule.

Alumni Program

We continue to keep up with your recovery long after you’ve reentered mainstream life. We look forward to hearing about your progress. We encourage you to share your successes (and challenges) with other alumni and even people still undergoing treatment. As an alumni of New Creation, you are the beacon of hope for people just starting out on their journey. We recognize that by staying connected, you will be connected! We provide the alumni program to give you a vehicle for sharing your experience, strength and hope with other people who have been where you’ve been. Besides, we really just like to keep in touch with you. YOU are the reason we do what we do. Our alumni program sponsors several activities every year bringing our graduates together for fellowship and fun. We have picnics, concerts, attend sporting events, participate in recovery events and communicate through Facebook.

Insurances Accepted