AdmissionsSome people who are enduring drug or alcohol addiction, mental health issues, or a dual diagnosis (co-occurring addiction and mental health problems) find the admissions process to a residential treatment program or even an outpatient program to be overwhelming. New Creation Treatment take the greatest pains to make the process as welcoming, informative, and comfortable as possible for our clients – our supportive staff, from the treatment specialist taking your first call, to our intake staff, to the experienced and professional staff at our facilities, are all focused on your recovery.

Stages of Admission

Speak to a specialist
Call now to speak to a treatment specialist, for yourself or for a loved one. They’ll ask about your treatment needs and get the basics of your case, helping to get our intake team ready to welcome you to the facility by outlining your addiction or mental health details. You’ll also have ample opportunity to ask questions about our plans, locations, payment option and anything else you might be wondering about.
Decide on inpatient or outpatient treatment
Residential treatment is the recommended options for full recovery from addictions, allowing patients to avoid the distractions of daily life with luxurious locations as the backdrop. However, outpatient treatment may be the better option for those who need to continue working or have other obligations.
Medical and psychological evaluations
Our team will assess your medical and psychological needs upon admission. We’ll work with you to highlight the points that need addressing in your unique case, and strategize your treatment plan together.
Family Engagement
It is essential that the families and loved ones of our patients remain involved throughout the admissions process. Relationships are key in treating addiction – no one is more important than the family.
Withdrawal from most drugs is considered a medical emergency, as the side effects can be extremely unpleasant and sometimes even fatal. After initial admission, we offer medically supervised detoxification procedures to clear the substances from your body and get you ready to begin long-term treatment.
Once the initial stages are complete, your treatment begins in earnest. New Creation Treatment will treat your body, mind and spirit using our wealth of therapeutic, medical, experiential, and spiritual programs. Call now to find out more.

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