Our Philosophy

After struggling with cocaine addiction and coping with the devastating effects, our founder Glenn Swanson CADC II, MBA, began residential drug treatment in 1991. After overcoming his struggles with addiction, he bought and restored the first of His House New Creation (Upland, California) in 1994 with a new mission in life – to help the people around him dealing with addiction while leading men and women to greater spiritual and physical health.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Glenn and our entire team understand the reality of addiction and how it can destroy lives, relationships, and physical health. Since 1994 we have been applying our personal experience and therapeutic training to establishing the best treatment available. Every client has their own personalized, organized treatment plan, tailored their own addiction, emotional, and physical needs. Guided by addiction specialists with care and compassion, we commit to every client who enters our doors.


With Glenn’s vision and leadership acting as a beacon, New Creation Treatment focuses on addressing the realities and totality of addiction. Residential treatment, or even outpatient treatment, is only the first part of the ongoing journey toward recovery. New Creation Treatment is dedicated to providing the tools, education, and mindset needed to maintain long-term sobriety.

The cornerstone of recovery is abstinence, so by using the template provided by the 12-Step programs of AA and NA, we help educate recovering addicts to avoid relapse triggers and temptations. Our staff is experienced in aftercare and well trained to give support to our patients in avoiding relapses and rebuilding their lives.

Why We Do This

We have seen many people leave our facility after successfully completing our recovery program. They’re always excited but nervous to go back to the real world and begin their lives again. We offer continuing support for everyone who enters our care, providing outpatient treatment, entry into 12-Step programs, and alumni groups, which can make the difference between a long-term recovery and relapse. We do this because we’ve been there; we can help you avoid the pitfalls of recovery.

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