Our Mission

Glenn Swanson, CADC II, MBA founded our facilities in 1994. A recovering addict himself, Glenn based the first His House facility in Upland, California. His core tenets; commitment, honesty, integrity, respect, and service. While His House has grown over the years to include several locations and establishing Her House for women only, we have remained true to these five principles.


Addiction can’t be truly cured – it’s a lifelong disease. However, it can be treated, and our promise is to never leave a person in need out in the cold, struggling with a recovery alone. New Creation Treatment staff members believe in commitment to our clients; we are always there to help.

Our Mission


Our founder Glenn, like many of our professional and experienced staff, have undergone treatment for addiction themselves. Her House is a proponent of honest, both with the patient and with others. “The first step is admitting you have a problem” is a step toward honesty with yourself. We’ll help you learn this and other essential skills.


As well as more traditional techniques involved drug or alcohol addiction treatment, such as therapy and psychiatric care, New Creation Treatment employs more experimental and alternate methods. We offer physical therapy, nutrition plans, exercise programs, yoga, outdoor therapy, Christian track programs, and group and family therapy for the loved ones of our clients.


Both mental health and addiction disorders often carry societal stigma. New Creation Treatment is proud to provide a safe space away from those stigmas. Our patients are always able to speak openly and without trepidation; our experienced staff have often faced these taboos personally and overcome them. They are dedicated to avoiding it. New Creation Treatment strives to be a home away from home, or a safe space where outside influence is removed from the equation.


Confidentiality is paramount within our treatment programs. We will never disclose details about your situation or treatment to anyone you don’t want informed. Addiction and mental health are such sensitive subjects, and we firmly believe in protecting our clients’ privacy. Whatever you tell us stays with us unless you specifically tell us otherwise.

Insurances Accepted